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Apple production and apple value chains in Europe

This paper presents an overview of the apple sector in nine major apple producing countries in Europe, in order to assess factors for the competitiveness of the national apple value chains and identify challenges for the future development of the sector. Based on international and national statistical data and expert assessment, key characteristics of apple production and value chains are analyzed. For each country, a brief description of the development of apple production and acreage over the past ten years, farm size distribution, level of production technology and main market channels is presented, followed by a discussion of differences and similarities. Results show a diverse picture of the apple sector in Europe. Similarities are observed in the existence of regional production clusters and a generally small farm size. Differences are found in the technology level, with a broad range of very traditional extensive production systems up to highly intensified orchards with high tree density. All countries experienced high fluctua-tion in apple production quantities over the pastyears, mainly due to weather events, particularly spring frost and drought, and climate risks are expected to increase in the future, leading to increasing costs for mitigation measures.

Altamura, V., Bertazzoli, A-, Bravin, E., Cimer, K., de Belém Costa Freitas, M., Kličková, K., De Ros, G., Dreisiebner-Lanz, S., Duarte, A., Garming, H., Kaçal, E., Kambor, J., Karamürsel, D., Kerngast, K., Kurthy, G., Muder, A., Pınar Öztürk, F. Rosner, F., Zmarlicki, K.

European Journal of Horticultural Science 6/2022. p. 1-22. ISSN 1611-4426